100 days after Shireen’s killing: Israel gets away with it again

It’s just a system of impunity that Israel practises. Israel even tests to what limits the international community could be ignorant, to what limits the United States administration could help and support war crimes.

I remember that I woke up in the morning reading on Twitter that Shireen was dead. I thought it was a joke. It’s so unfortunate to imagine that your blood, your killing is not going to matter.

Whenever the Palestinian Authority attempts to criminalise Israel, at the International Criminal Court for instance, the US administration intervenes to protect them. Like they’re their child or their baby growing bigger and bigger with every human rights violation.

I remember Joe Biden said (in 1986): “Were there not an Israel, the United States of America would have to invent an Israel.”

That’s why we are seeing continuous support, a continuous violence of impunity: $3.8bn provided to Israel, despite the acknowledgement of the US administration that Gaza is unliveable.

How many years more? How many children should die, should be slaughtered during those bombings? How many journalists should die? How many more? This is the question that echoes in my heart.

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