A$AP Rocky Enters A Not Guilty Verdict On Charges Of Battery With A Firearm

Due to an incident that occurred in November 2021, A$AP Rocky has entered a not guilty verdict on two charges of battery with a gun in Los Angeles.

According to The Independent, the 33-year-old rapper, whose actual name is Rakim Mayers, showed up in person on Wednesday to submit the not guilty verdicts at a court in Los Angeles.

The only things Rocky reportedly said were to affirm his name and admit that his charges had been read to him. The “D.M.B.” rapper was charged with a shooting that allegedly took place on November 6, 2021, only two days before his trial, according to Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón.

In a report on Monday, Gascón allegedly said: “Expelling a gun in a public location is a major crime that could have resulted with disastrous repercussions not only for the person attacked but also for innocent onlookers visiting Hollywood.” “After carefully examining the facts in this case, my office concluded that it was appropriate to add a particular firearm charge.”

When the star allegedly pointed a semi-automatic weapon at his ex-friend, A$AP Relli, it was during a “long debate in Hollywood,” according to the prosecution. According to a statement made on Monday, he is charged with firing twice toward the victim during the “subsequent conflict.”

According to court records acquired by PEOPLE, Relli, whose real identity is Terell Ephron, stepped forward as the sufferer and lodged a civil claim for assault, abuse, and mental anguish against Rocky on August 10. The civil complaint filed by Relli’s attorneys alleged that Mayer’s actions were “extreme and unreasonable” and that their client had “serious emotional anguish” as a result.

The complaint claims that the defendant, Mayers, “illegally flashed a handgun towards the claimant [Ephron] with either deliberate intent or careless indifference.” Additionally, the defendant knowingly or carelessly let a gunshot projectile or fragment strike the plaintiff.