All Reserved Steam Deck Consoles Should Be Delivered To Customers By Year’s End Thanks To Valve’s Acceleration

After hearing that the production rate of Steam Deck portable gaming PCs had doubled, Valve made another upbeat statement.

Valve has revealed that after committing to double its Steam Deck shipments more than back in June, it will now be able to fill all open reservations for the portable gaming PC “before the end of the year.”

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The waitlist for bookings on Steam Deck has grown significantly since its launch in July last year, fast stretching into this year. Regrettably, supply chain issues forced Valve to push initial shipments from the end of 2021 to this year, and the following rollouts might not have been as swift as Valve had anticipated.

Since then, there have been other updates: in March, Valve stated production would increase to “the hundreds of thousands,” and in June, it said shipments would double in the coming months. However, the most recent update is good news for people who have reservations for the Steam Deck.

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A prototype portable gaming system similar to the Nintendo Switch is called the Steam Deck. The best way to explain it is as a portable gaming computer for Steam games. Since its release, it has gained enormous popularity yet is challenging to buy. But Valve claims that could soon change.

Many of the supply chain gaps that influence Steam Deck are progressively clearing up, and we’re continuing to ramp production, so we’re able to make more Decks faster than ever before,” Valve wrote in a post that was published on Steam. This, it claimed, would allow it to fulfill the demand for everyone in the reservation queue sooner than had expected.

All new reservations, according to Valve, will initially be placed into the Q4 bucket, which means they will also receive their Steam Deck this year. However, Valve cautions that once the bucket is full, ETAs will start to slip into the first quarter of 2023.