Amy Coney Barrett faces Senate questioning: US election live news

Amy Coney Barrett faces Senate questioning: US election live news

    The second day of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett has begun, with Senators given the opportunity to question her. Joe Biden campaigns in Florida, a state seen as key to a Trump victory, on Tuesday. After returning to the campaign trail on Monday, Trump heads to Pennsylvania. Early voting began in Kentucky and Texas, with 21 days left until the November 3 election.

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Tuesday, October 13: 09:30 ET – Trump economic adviser called first debate performance ‘crappy’: Report

Trump’s economic adviser Stephen Moore has been captured on video calling the president’s first, and only, debate performance against Biden “crappy”, according to the Huffington Post.

“It was not a great performance by Trump. In fact, I thought it was a pretty crappy performance,” Moore told a crowd gathered in Washington earlier this month for the “Election Protection Summit” by the Trump-supporting FreedomWorks nonprofit organisation, according to the news site.

Moore also said that Trump’s first debate against former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election was similarly “awful”, but that he rebounded in subsequent debates.

“Oh my God, he was so bad in that debate, just awful,” Moore said at the October 2 video, which was obtained by Wisconsin watchdog group Documented, the news site reported.

09:00 ET – Second day of Barrett confirmation hearing has begun

The second day of Barrett’s confirmation hearing has begun, in which she will answer questions from senators on the Judiciary Committee. A day earlier, she told the panel she believes the court should interpret the US constitution and laws “as they are written”.

Barrett said in her opening statement on Monday that people of all backgrounds deserve “an independent Supreme Court”.

The chairman, Senator Lindsey Graham, gavelled open the session on Tuesday.

“Let’s get to it,” he said.

Even before her confirmation hearings end, the Senate Judiciary Committee has already scheduled a Thursday vote to approve her nomination. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham scheduled a committee vote for 9am on Thursday, the last day of hearings. Barrett’s nomination is expected to be brought up for a vote at that meeting and then delayed for a week, as per committee rules.


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