Ashley Darby Announces Pregnancy As Marriage Strife Starts To Play Out On RHOP

Ashley Darby Announces Pregnancy As Marriage Strife Starts To Play Out On RHOP

Ashley and Michael Darby’s marriage always tests its limits on camera. Although the upcoming episodes will address more cheating allegations, in real-time — the couple has clearly worked it out.

Ashley Darby just announced that she is expecting baby number two via Instagram

She wrote alongside an adorable photo of her son: ‘There’s no hiding this big belly anymore! We are elated to share our news with you! To say we are thankful is an absolute understatement.’

In the clip shared to her profile, she says that Dean has an announcement. After a picture of the toddler fades away she reveals baby number two is on the way and expected to be here February 2021.

She was congratulated by many of her co-stars. However, fans were definitely confused on whether they should be happy for her or not.

In the upcoming episodes, Michael will be accused of telling people he has a wife and a boyfriend in addition to bringing women back to his hotel room.

Year after year, there has been a scandal with the Darbys so it’s not exactly a shock to viewers at this point.

Ashley recently opened up to ET Online where she said that they have an unconventional marriage. She also said that their union could pretty much withstand anything.

‘Michael and I are an unconventional couple in many ways. I love my husband. He’s a great husband, and my relationship is going to withstand. It’s strong enough to withstand a lot. It’s really going to be up to us to what we think is something we can overcome. I’m not going to let the media, or the public, or the opinions of others affect what I do and how I approach my marriage. Everyone’s going to have an opinion. I’m sure there’ll be some very strong reactions to what they see and what happens, but ultimately the only person who really lays next to Michael at night and has to have these discussions is me. So, that’s that.’

Congratulations to Ashley and Michael!