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Today Is The Day—US Rolls Out COVID-19 Vaccinations

The day is finally here. Health officials began what is being called the most extensive vaccination campaign in our nations' history.

Those individuals that are first on the list to receive the newly approved COVID-19 are those workers within the

‘This is a sin’: World reacts to Israeli-Moroccan deal

Morocco’s decision to normalise relations with Israel in a United States-brokered deal has elicited mixed global reactions.

On Thursday, Morocco became the fourth Arab country since August to strike a deal aimed at normalising relations with Israel. The others were

In China, men’s skincare business gets a new glow

In China, a raft of domestic startups selling male skincare products is tapping global investors for funds, with ambitions to rival giants like L’Oreal in a billion-dollar business serving image-conscious millennial men.

The startups are targeting men like Hou Junru,

In Pictures: How much plastic are you eating?

What’s for dinner? Lego sushi, credit card burgers, or a well-done piece of PVC pipe?

These examples may sound extreme, but can easily represent over time the cumulative amount of microscopic pieces of plastic people consume every day.

People could