Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Are Giving Fans Marriage Hopes After Taking This Huge Decision

Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Are Giving Fans Marriage Hopes After Taking This Huge Decision

Recently, it was revealed that Blake Shelton, 44, and his longtime girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, 50, had purchased their first home together.

The blended family, who was living on a massive ranch in Oklahoma, moved into a stunning mansion in California. The home is about 13,000 sq. Ft. It has three floors and costs $13.2 million.

A source told the media that the couple and Gwen’s three children have settled in and are loving the estate.

An insider revealed: “Blake & Gwen are happy to be in their new home finally and all settled. They’ve been there for a while, but it’s finally set up and feels homey. It’s been a long time coming. They love it. It’s very private and has plenty of room for the kids. They’re keeping a lot of details about the home very private.”

The person went on to say the area is perfect for the diva’s children and added: “It’s in the LA valley area and not terribly far from the kids’ school, and they love the neighborhood. Gwen is very hands on, and there are multiple schools to think about since her boys go to different ones now to service their needs. They seem extremely happy.”

The move comes after Blake revealed that it was scary at first to help raise Kingston, 13, Zuma, 11, and Apollo, 6.

Another source shared this on the matter: “Blake is a fun guy who is completely natural with Gwen’s kids. At first, it was weird and difficult, and Blake tried to weather any emotions and storms that came to him and listened to Gwen on how to adapt. But by listening to Gwen, falling in love with Gwen, and just being the cool guy that Blake is, he got into a situation with her kids that is now full of trust and love. They all really like each other and bounce off each other as a family.”

The person also claimed: “The kids know that Blake isn’t going anywhere, and they are comforted with that, and that has brought the trust the kids need to the situation. They are all very considerate to each other and really care about each other and genuinely like each other. It is natural and fun between them all.”

After taking such a big leap as a couple, fans are hopeful that a wedding will be next for the powerful pair.