Lupita Nyong’o Receives Support From Fans After Speaking About The Passing Of Her Friend, Chadwick Boseman

Lupita Nyong’o Receives Support From Fans After Speaking About The Passing Of Her Friend, Chadwick Boseman

The passing of Chadwick Boseman has affected a lot of people and the messages continue to pour on social media. Now, it’s been revealed that Lupita Nyong’o also shared a few words about her friend and co-star.

This untimely passing hit his family and friends really bad and now, one week after the tragedy people continue to lift the family and his friends in prayer.

Read her heartbreaking and emotional message below.

John Legend said, ‘This is beautiful and heartbreaking’ and another follower posted this: ‘I love you so much. Absolutely beautiful. Hugging you tight.’

A commenter said: ‘Every word. You captured each sentiment so perfectly. So eloquently. As you do. ❤️Holding your heart dear, my friend.’

Someone else posted this: ‘Sending you much love. Can’t imagine how hard this was to share 🙏🏾🖤’ and one other follower said: ‘Sending you all my love and so much strength.’

A commenter wrote: ‘This is so beautiful. I watched Chadwick’s movies all weekend over and over. I still can’t believe it. I may have not known him or been in his presence like so many around the world as you all were blessed to have been. I can only imagine your pain because I feel it from afar. He def had a significant impact on this world and he will never be forgotten. I think his death was so hard for so many reasons his age, and the fact that no one knew of his illness. This holds a special place in my heart. My son who just turned 20 on 8/29 suffered from cancer in high school twice.’

The same person continued and wrote; ‘The end of his freshman year and relapse the end of his senior year. I’ve witnessed first hand how awful this can make ppl feel as well as the feeling of not being able to help or control this disease that affects millions daily. Thankfully he is in remission and living a healthy life. Chadwick was a special soul and I know it hurt him to not be able to share his feelings but it was his selflessness that made him make that choice to skate so many the worry and heartache. May he always rest in power as a true King should. And may the sunshine in your face Lupita and the wind be at your back. For he’s watching over you. Rest assure.’

One other follower told Lupita: ‘His presence will be felt for generations to come. Legends never die🙏🏾’

Fans continued and sent love to her.