Makeup Artist Says Hazel E Did Not Pay Her For Work — Hazel E’s Baby Daddy Threatens Woman In DMs

Makeup Artist Says Hazel E Did Not Pay Her For Work — Hazel E’s Baby Daddy Threatens Woman In DMs

Off of the heels of her fight with Masika Kalysha, Hazel E is in some new drama with the makeup artist that worked on her face for the Zeus project. The artist and Hazel have two different accounts of what happened.

According to the artist known as Bebe Makeup, Hazel has decided not to pay her due to the fact that she liked Masika’s post. She released what appeared to be text messages of Hazel telling her that ‘she has the wrong one’ and that she ‘just tried her’ alongside of a screenshot of Bebe’s name under the likes on the post.

Hazel allegedly told her to have Masika pay her.

That’s when Bebe took to social media to share photos of Hazel along with a caption that read: ‘I have audio video and pics ….this lady gone pay me for my time and services. She mad bc I liked Masika’s pic wtf…. pay me please ma’am. We both gone see each other in court. After you have that baby.’

She also leaked messages of Hazel’s baby daddy threatening her via DM.

Meanwhile, Hazel explained that she told the woman that Zeus will pay her but it will take thirty days.

She also claimed that the woman threatened her family and her child.

Madame Noire reported: ‘Hazel, however, is responding to the MUA, claiming Bridgette asked to do her makeup for free promo and that it was Zeus said they would pay her in 30 days after sending a W-9. She said after only a few days, Bridgette started reaching out concerned about payment. Hazel also claims she cut ties with the MUA while on set of the Zeus production, and because of that, she “began contacting my enemy immediately after,” referring to Masika. She said Bridgette ended up giving out her address, and that she allegedly “had her sister threaten my daughter Ava as you can see saying she knows where she sleeps and is calling cps on me.’

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