Mark-Paul Gosselaar Admits That Watching ‘Saved By The Bell’ Feels ‘Torturous’ – Here’s Why!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Admits That Watching ‘Saved By The Bell’ Feels ‘Torturous’ – Here’s Why!

His character on Saved by the Bell, Zack Morris, may be iconic as far as fans of the series are concerned but Mark-Paul Gosselaar doesn’t think so! In fact, he went as far as to say that watching himself on the show is ‘torturous.’

Mark-Paul Gosselaar has been looking back at some old episodes of Saved by the Bell and he confessed that he is not a big fan since he can’t help but be super hard on himself!

During an interview for Variety, the actor promoted his new podcast with Dashiell Driscoll, titled Zack to the Future.

Driscoll is a writer for Saved by the Bell’s upcoming reboot so it makes sense that not only do the two talk about it a lot but that he also needed to rewatch some episodes for a refresher on the plot and characters.

So, even though he was only a teen when he used to appear on the popular series, the star admitted that he still can’t help but be a huge critic of his performance all the time!

‘I feel like it is a little bit torturous every single week for me to go through this whole process because I’m watching my work – and it does not matter that it is 30 years old, it is still something I feel like I can improve. There are moments where I am talking with Dashiell and I say, ‘My timing is off there, if I’d just done it this way I bet I would’ve gotten a bigger laugh.’ But that is the perfectionist in me, which is why I do not like to watch my work: I feel like I need to leave it on the set,’ Gosselaar shared with the news outlet.

But, of course, he admitted to learning a lot from being on the show, including when he needs to ask for another take after certain scenes.