Naomi Campbell Sued Her Billionaire Ex-Boyfriend Months Before He Countersued

Naomi Campbell Sued Her Billionaire Ex-Boyfriend Months Before He Countersued

According to the New York Post, Vladislav Doronin, Naomi Campbell‘s former lover who just happens to be a billionaire, is suing the supermodel for millions of dollars. The news was revealed earlier in the week, however, as it turns out, Naomi was the first to file a suit.

Back in February, Campbell filed court papers in London, England, for the sake of getting some of her old belongings back from him that he apparently still has in his possession. Naomi reportedly has been asking to receive her belongings for a long time, but he refuses to give them back.

An insider who spoke with The Post said Campbell isn’t mad about his recent lawsuit, in fact, it’s more the other way around. On the 4th of September, Doronin filed court documents in New York’s Supreme Court stating that she has refused to return his property which is worth $3 million.

He initially owed her a large sum of money, but the amount hasn’t been revealed. Paul M O’Connor III, Doronin’s lawyer, claimed in a statement that his client has been trying to resolve some of their problems for a long time to no avail. Moreover, Doronin has been trying to fix them in private as well.

Unfortunately, he claimed, it wasn’t possible to do so privately or personally, so they had no other choice but to resolve their problems through the legal system.

A source who spoke with The Post says Doronin isn’t really concerned about the money. It’s more about power and respect. Additionally, the source says Campbell is more concerned with power and keeping control as well. Neither party is worried about the cash.

Campbell has always been hanging around rich men, the source explained, however, it was Doronin who really led to her decision to finally settle down. The insider claims Naomi felt really calm and secure when she was with him.

There was a lot more order and discipline. She felt grounded. The insider also shared how Naomi had a temper problem, but there was something about Vlad that really calmed her down.