Paris Hilton Updates Fans On How Britney Spears Is Doing After Catching Up!

Paris Hilton Updates Fans On How Britney Spears Is Doing After Catching Up!

Paris Hilton spent some time with her old friend, Britney Spears and during a chat with Andy Cohen, the heiress dished on how the singer has been doing. As you probably know, Britney’s fans have been pretty worried for her amid the conservatorship drama and so, Paris’ update was definitely welcome!

This comes after Paris Hilton joined the huge list of people demanding for Britney Spears to be released from under her father’s conservatorship.

According to her, Britney hasn’t been allowed to be independent enough for years and she is being treated like a child.

Now, Paris shared with Cohen that she and a small group of pals caught up with the singer this summer.

Yes! She definitely confirmed that twenty years after their friendship began, they still keep in touch today!

‘Yeah, I saw her this summer. We have had dinners, I just love her so much,’ Paris gushed over her old pal.

She went on to reveal that during these hangouts, they always try to keep things in a positive light.

‘She is so sweet and innocent and such a nice girl. We talk about happy things. Music, fashion… just fun things. I never like to bring up the negative things and to make people feel uncomfortable so I have never talked about it with her.’

Still, Paris once again shared her opinion on the conservatorship and even opened up more about her own traumatic experiences while she was a child.

‘I feel like if you’re an adult you should be able to live life and not be controlled. I think maybe it stems from me being controlled so much so I understand how it would feel and I cannot imagine if that was still happening to me now. After working your whole life so hard, she is this icon and I feel like she has no control over her life whatsoever and I just don’t think that’s fair,’ Paris argued.