Real Salt Lake’s Clinical Finishing Provides a Difference Against LAFC, 3-0

Real Salt Lake’s Clinical Finishing Provides a Difference Against LAFC, 3-0

Real Salt Lake City routinely defeated LAFC in the closing game of Wednesday’s MLS program. The final result was 3-0 for the hosts, who, unlike their rivals, used all the opportunities for scoring tonight.

Both Real and LAFC had 8 shots on goal during 90 minutes, but the hosts executed better. It could be said that FC had the initiative more than Salt Lake, but that is only because of how the game developed.

RSL took the lead after nine minutes of play, with Damir Kreilach’s header finding a way home following Maikel Chang’s cross. This goal allowed the home team to lay back and wait for counter-attacks, allowing the opponents to have the ball in their feet.

Though, the first 45 minutes saw a lot of action on both ends, with the teams having 19 shots combined and several very good chances for scoring. It was pretty surprising not to see at least one more goal in this period. FC’s Jose Cifuentes almost leveled the score in the 35th minute, but still, the result stayed the same.

Salt Lakes’ players once again scored shortly after the kick-off, only this time in the second half. Two minutes into it, Justin Meram doubled the lead of his team. The 31-year old reacted well in the box, following a corner and a ricochet, avoiding four rivals before hitting the back of the net from inside the goalkeeper area.

As all the goals coming slightly before or after the break, it interrupted the losing side’s focus, killing the morale and causing frustration among the visitors. They couldn’t do anything until the final whistle, furthermore, allowed another score eleven minutes before the end.

Jordan Harvey handballed in the box, which was an automatic penalty kick for the hosts. Albert Rusnak took the responsibility, raising the lead to 3-0 and putting an end on this contest.

This win was the first for RSL against LAFC in the MLS regular season matches. With it, the team from Utah reached place No.7 in the West, the last one that leads to the playoffs. LAFC sits right behind them, with 12 points, two fewer.

Bob Bradley’s side lost for the fourth time in the last five contests, and it seems that they have some problems on the court.

Up next, they will be facing Portland Timbers at home, while Real Salt Lake hosts Colorado Rapids at home.