Scheana Shay Reportedly ‘Sees Long-Term Potential’ With Her Current Man – Details!

Scheana Shay Reportedly ‘Sees Long-Term Potential’ With Her Current Man – Details!

As fans know, Scheana Shay has a new man and it looks like things are evolving quickly between them! The Vanderpump Rules star is dating a personal trainer by the name of Brock Davies and insider reports claim to know that she can see a future with him!

The two started going out last year but their bond is pretty strong already and Scheana would not mind a life by his side.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Scheana is in San Diego with her boyfriend Brock and she has never been so truly happy and in love. She definitely sees long-term potential and a real future with him. Brock dotes on Scheana like no other man ever has and he wants to help her succeed in everything she does. Brock helps her creatively, inspires her and completely supports her to achieve her goals.’

They went on to insist that ‘He is not interested in her because of her fame, he cares about her because of who she is regardless of her celebrity status and would want nothing to do with it. He’s more than happy just watching from the sidelines.’

In fact, the reality TV celeb realized pretty early on in their relationship that he is one to keep.

During one interview she gave to the same news outlet back in 2019, she stressed that after being single for quite some time, ‘whenever I do start dating someone new and actually call him my boyfriend…that is it for me,’ meaning that she was ready to settle down with that person.

At that point in time, she and Brock were dating for a few months so it is safe to say that she already knew he had long-term potential!

Do you think Scheana Shay and her current boyfriend will last or not?