Selling For $8 Million Is Amber Heard’s Desert Mansion. Looming Debt For Johnny Depp

The legal dispute between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard , which has emerged as one of the most talked-about incidents this spring, resulted in an unqualified triumph for the actor.

The Aquaman star must also pay her ex-husband an astonishing $8 million, according to the ruling. Furthermore, even though Johnny had planned to forfeit the funds, this appears to have never happened.

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Despite Amber’s repeated attempts, all of her attorneys’ appeals were denied. The actress is honest about the fact that she lacks the funds to satisfy her debt to her ex-husband. As a result, her own home must now be sold against her will.

New documents that journalists were able to get made this information public. But this is by no means the most intriguing discovery the reporters made.

It found out that in 2016, following her divorce from Johnny, Amber was entitled to half of his salary once the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie was filmed because it was deemed jointly owned property. Heard, though, turned down this cash.

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Amber might have collected $16 million from her ex-husband, but she requested her attorneys not to discuss this in correspondence with them because she “wanted to stay loyal to her word.”

Interestingly, Heard’s attorneys attempted to use this event as a mitigating circumstance during the current trial, but the court rejected their argument.

Heard is required to pay a total of $5 million after the countersuit she filed, in which Depp was ordered to pay $2 million, plus Virginia’s cap on damages, money she claims she does not have. She may now be cursing herself for doing that.

Newly released court records demonstrate that Heard declined to accept a divorce settlement that may have totaled tens of millions of dollars.

According to documents acquired by The Post, Heard rejected demands from lawyers to pursue half of Depp’s $33 million in earnings from the fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, which was made while they were wedded.