Tekashi 69 Talkes About His Toxic And Abusive Relationship With Baby Mama, Sara Molina

Tekashi 69 Talkes About His Toxic And Abusive Relationship With Baby Mama, Sara Molina

Tekashi 69 addresses the relationship that he had with his ex, his baby mama, Sara Molina. She came out a lot of times alleging that he used to hurt her physically and emotionally.

Check out the video and see what he has to say.

Tekashi 69 talked to The Shade Room. ‘We’ve reported on his lowest moments and he wanted a platform to address many of the issues people have with him as well as tell his truth,’ TSR said.


TSR continued and noted: ‘We caught up with #Tekashi69 as he detailed his experience on why he snitched, his relationship with God, the black community and more.’

TSR advises readers to click the link in their bio or head over to their YouTube channel to check out his response and more as he explains everything in detail.

Someone said: ‘So he just said he put hands on a female and y’all talking bout the wig… or am I trippin?’

Another follower said: ‘Hey can’t take his serious with the lace front on😭😭’

You can check out the complete interview. Here’s part 1:

And the second part of the interview is below:

Someone else posted this: ‘Lmaoooo after Joe and Gilly said they don’t care about number and they turned him down…the shade room takes the interview…the shade room is a disgrace to the culture.’

A follower said: ‘If you hate 6ix9ine at this point you’re just jealous of his sucess. The man did what he had to do based on numerous reason. People understand that and they just don’t want to Accept it. He is being blackballed everywhere but I’m sure your favorite rapper has already a track with him and yet y’all don’t wanna call them a snitch as well 🤔🤔🤔 people just pick and choose. 6ix9ine is still proving people wrong and he has already stepped into LA and Chicago like nothing. They are disqualifying 100k + sales he has already when it should take into effect on October, not September yet he’s being robbed once again. They just don’t want to see Mexicans win.’

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In other news, It seems that Tekashi 69 has a new partnership going on, and this time, it’s with none other than Blac Chyna.