The Game Has Been Altered By Stray Modders, Who Have Introduced Characters Like CJ From San Andreas And Garfield, As Well As Player Cats On Demand

Since its release, the Stray video game from Annapurna Interactive and BlueTwelve has been viral because of users who are fascinated with interacting with cats and who even upload pictures of their pets’ reactions to the game.

Overall, it’s very straightforward, with merely platform jumps and running sequences, but something about the uniqueness of a cat game with a dedicated meow button appealed to players.

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The game didn’t include a supporter feature, so that doesn’t imply it’s perfect. For example, fans wanted to alter the looks of their Stray cat but quickly discovered that it wasn’t feasible.

The justification given is that this is the tale of a particular cat, and while this is technically accurate from a certain angle, it has nothing to do with the plot of the story. Therefore, although some fans might wish for it to resemble their cat, it is what it is.

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Currently, one Stray modder is using Nexus Mods to replicate this (as pointed out by Eurogamer). For some game add-ons, modder NorskPL receives commissions. The cost of everything is determined by you, with some factors based on the difficulty of the mod.

For those who might already wish to look at the mods accessible on NexusMods, a few downloads have already been added.

It should be mentioned that since the NorskPL service’s introduction, demand has surged, and as a consequence, commissions have been suspended until August 15.

This is a result of the number of requests that have previously been sent. Fans can wait to see if any of the original innovations match their cat or if they want a bespoke cat mod; it would be worthwhile to join NorskPL and wait for them to accept commissions again.

This is unquestionably laborious work. Therefore, anyone searching for Norsk services should have some patience. After all, this is a ubiquitous and preferred service. Anyone intrigued can view NorskPL’s Ko-Fi HERE.