The Officiant For Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck’s Wedding Has Been Selected

Jay Shetty, a well-known podcaster and celebrity life coach, is set to officiate Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck ‘s wedding this week in Georgia, Page Six has learned.

It appears that Shetty and the legendary singer have been friends for a number of years. Shetty has featured numerous celebrities on his “On Purpose” podcast, such as Kobe Bryant, Will Smith, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

As part of a publicity gimmick for her most recent film, “Marry Me,” in February, Lopez asked him to perform four marriages that she had planned. Lopez has also made an appearance on the program.

A former Hindu monk and consultant for Accenture, the British spiritual celebrity conducted Lily Collins’ wedding to Charlie McDowell in Colorado in September of last year. Last summer, Lopez spoke about her relationship difficulties throughout his “Coach Conversations” YouTube series.

There was “a bunch of discourse” about loving oneself when she was in treatment in her 30s, and she responded, “I love myself!” However, it was clear from my actions in my personal relationship that I didn’t love myself, even though I didn’t fully grasp the concept. “I took time, and it’s a trip, and it’s still a process for me,” she continued.

Think Like a Monk, the greatest book, was also written by Shetty. Lopez and Maluma gave a special concert in Los Angeles to publicize their romantic comedy, and Shetty wedded four couples on stage as part of the event.

When asked by Jennifer Lopez to perform four weddings and talk about the importance of love at her “Marry Me” Special Concert, Shetty responded positively on social media. What a magical experience it was to witness four adorable couples exchange vows while Maluma and Jennifer Lopez sang at their weddings! Everyone was in tears listening to their trips and tales, and I’m so glad I got to be there.