Tory Lanez Reportedly Apologized To Megan Thee Stallion After Shooting Her

Tory Lanez Reportedly Apologized To Megan Thee Stallion After Shooting Her

Tory Lanez reportedly apologized to Megan Thee Stallion after he shot her. What he wrote in the message might sound outrageous for most people. Check out the latest details reported by The Shade Room.

TSR quotes the report from TMZ and notes that ‘Tory Lanez texted Megan Thee Stallion on the night he allegedly shot her with somewhat of an explanation for his actions! Tory reportedly said he felt horrible about what happened.’

Lanez reportedly continued and said: ‘I know you probably never gone talk to me again, but I genuinely want you to know that I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.’

He also added that he was ‘too drunk’ as an explanation.

Someone said: ‘Boy even I get drunk but not drunk enough to shoot a beautiful black queen ✊🏿👑’

One other commenter wrote: ‘He wasn’t drunk when his team and crew started lying on her and making fake storylines tryna make her look crazy and like the stereotypical angry black women.’

Someone else said: ‘You Gon Have To Do More Than Just Say It” – Tory Lanez,’ and one other follower posted this message: ‘Um you can’t just call & apologize for shooting someone sir that’s going to require a bit more/ sad & unacceptable.’

One commenter posted: ‘Now ALL of y’all owe my girl Megan an apology!!!…. Her whole damn story was the truth from the jump. Y’all stayed victim-shaming her and questioning her. (ESP. FEMALES!!) Be loud with your apology just how you were loud AND WRONG with your disrespect.’

Someone else wrote: ‘Dear Tory Lanez team.. you can not PR this situation, stop going to the press stop leaking info & leave meg alone … we don’t need to see the name Tory Lanez til 2022.’

A commenter said: ‘Naw fam u have some deep-rooted issues and that liquor put it in the light. Ain’t no excuse for you to shoot a female.’

Someone else believes that ‘No sympathy, “too drunk” isn’t an excuse it’s a personal problem that needs to be dealt with. Go get some therapy Tory.’

What do you think about his apology?